Corporate Social Responsibility

Improving the Quality of Life

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) builds a dynamic relationship between a company on one hand and the society and environment on the other. CSR is strongly connected with the principles of sustainability and is traditionally driven by a moral obligation and philanthropic spirit. Over a period of time, it has become an integral part of K R Pulp and Papers Limited (KRPL) and has been continuously engaged in a number of social welfare and generous activities.

Empowerment & Livelihood

We focus on developing the entrepreneurial spirit of women, by strengthening their confidence and motivation levels

Environment Sustainability

We nurture green environment in the vicinity to contribute our share in mitigating adverse effects of climate change

Cleanliness & Water Conservation

We partner with Government in creating awareness of its cleanliness and water conservation drives.

Respect Human Life

In the chilling winters of UP, we distribute woollen blankets every year to the villagers in the surrounding villages.

Promote Education

We provide infrastructure support to education institutions, thus partnering with them in providing education to the underprivileged communities of the society.

Health, Hygiene & Sanitation

We work towards promoting awareness of health, hygiene and sanitation in remote villages

Promotion of Health and Sanitation

Development of Toilets for the community thus promoting health and sanitation in the community.

Promoting Education and Vocational Skills

Various training workshops for Women in the nearby areas to make them self sufficient and independent.

Generating Employment and Growth

Direct & indirect employment for nearly 3000 person which includes both skilled & unskilled employees

Upliftment of Farmers by Procuring Agro Waste

Helping villagers & farmers to sell their waste agro residues for a better price as wheat straw is used as raw material to manufacture paper while rice husk used is used for powering biomass power plants, thus generating economic value from waste residues.

Sewing Training

Blood Donation Camp

Our Guiding Principles

KR Papers is vigilant in its enforcement of corporate principles and is committed to sustainable development and inclusive growth. It also pursues initiatives related to quality management, environment preservation, and social awareness.

Child Protection

Child labor is a global problem that requires a global solution. We at KR Papers are regularly supporting various child relief organizations. 

Women Empowerment

KR Papers aims to promote skill development, self-esteem, and access to information and resources for the women in our society.

Rural Development

Through the development of education centers and skill development programs for each individual, we aim to help everyone earn a living.

Environment Protection

We strive for environmental sustainability by adopting best ecological practices and encouraging conservation/judicious use of natural resources.