Reels Calculator

Paper Calculator For Reel

1. To calculate the total length of paper in a reel in meters.

Reel Weight (in kgs) Reel Width (in cm) GSM (Gram Per Square Meter) Length (Meter)

2. To calculate the weight of a reel of paper in kilograms:

Reel Length (in Meters) Reel Width (in cm) GSM (Gram Per Square Meter) Weight(Kgs)

3. To calculate the GSM of paper in a reel.

Reel Length (in Meter) Reel Width (in cm) Reel Weight (Kgs) GSM

4. To calculate the approximate number of sheets of a particular size which may be obtained from a reel of paper.

Reel Weight (in Kgs)

Width of Sheets (in cm)

Length Of Sheets (in cm)

GSM No. Of sheets